Lara Garcia

Nº COL. 23/239

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Clinical psychologist (adult, child, and youth)

Master’s degree in general health psychology

I have a degree in Psychology with a clinical mention at the University of Blanquerna, formed mainly in the cognitive-behavioral current. Later, I specialized in the master’s degree in general health at the Alfonso X University.

Through my career, I have had the opportunity to work in various contexts, the which has allowed me to acquire a wide experience in the approach of different disorders and clinical situations. My commitment to psychology and mental health led to collaborating with the Bipolar Association of Madrid (ABM), where I have been able to meet firsthand the complexity of bipolar disorder. This experience has allowed me to participate in group dynamics both to support those affected and their families themselves, facilitating a safe space for emotional release.

At NB Psychology center, I’ve had the privilege of carrying out psychological individual evaluations with adults and young people from an integrative approach. I’ve drawn up personalized plans and I have carried out direct interventions with patients, including mood disorders, anxiety, and bereavement. I have also participated actively in clinical sessions and supervision of cases to improve my clinic practice.

My passion for psychology and my desire to contribute to the well-being of people, encouraged me to look for diverse opportunities for learning about clinical practice. I’m pleased to progress with my professional career, in a dynamic environment and being collaborative with other professionals, to obtain the best results for our patients, share ideas and enrich the therapeutic intervention.

Now, as a CAPSI professional, I am excited to continue my commitment with mental health and provide support to those who need it.