Sheila Arias

Nº col. 15/230  (Col·legi de psicòlegs d’Andorra)


Clinical psychologist (adults, child and youth)
 Specialist in behavioral disorders and serious mental disorders
 Specialist in gender and sexual violence
EMDR (Nivell I)

I have a degree in Psychology with a major in Adult Clinics from the University of Lleida. I’m trained mainly in the cognitive-behavioral stream and with two specialized master’s degrees in mental health: official Master’s degree in General Health Psychology (UNIR) and Master’s degree in Psychological Intervention and Health Mental (UDIMA).

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work in different centers that have allowed me to acquire a wide range of knowledge and experience in various areas: in the Shared Schooling Unit, caring for minors with behavioral disorders; at the Sant Pere Claver Foundation in Barcelona, caring for adults with serious mental disorders; and the Association for Community Reeducation (ARC) and Integral Assistance and Management (AGI) of Barcelona, carrying out individual and group therapeutic programs for people with crimes of gender violence, sexual assaults, domestic violence and general violence.

In addition, I have been doing internships for three years in different centers: Adult Mental Health Center of the Fundació Sant Hospital de La Seu d’Urgell; Child and Youth Mental Health Center of Lleida (CSMIJ); Bellavista Psychiatric Clinic and Ponent Penitentiary Center.

In addition to being part of the CAPSI team, I also collaborate as a voluntary psychologist with the Red Cross providing therapeutic support to the elderly and teaching cognitive stimulation workshops.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in the exciting world of psychology and mental health. Years later, I can say that I work in one of the most beautiful professions that exist. I feel lucky to be able to help people in their day to day lives; being part of their processes and collaborating to improve their quality of life is a great satisfaction for me as a professional.




Children and youth
Gender and sexual violence
EMDR (Level I)