Business and companies

Organizational psychology consists of studying the behaviour of people within an organization based on various factors such as culture, climate, motivation, leadership, decision-making, communication, productivity and job satisfaction.

Its objective is to know how a member affects the organization and how it affects the behavior of each person. By acting on these interrelationships, improvements can be promoted that benefit the whole.

To achieve this objective, we help you acquire skills, strategies and techniques to deal with the work situation satisfactorily.

We regularly organize workshops, talks and trainings according to the specific needs of each organization.

Most frequent reasons for consultation:

  • Academic and work orientation
  • Preparation of psychotechnical tests
  • Selection of personnel for companies
  • Observation, analysis and diagnosis of the state of the company
  • Optimize business performance
  • Training in leadership and conflict management
  • Personal, executive and business coaching
  • Improve the work environment