Stéphanie Maia 

No. Col. 16/162 (College of Psychologists of Andorra)

Clinical psychologist

(adult, child and youth)

Sex and couple growth specialist

EMDR Therapist (Level I & II)

I am a graduate in Clinical Psychology with mention of Adult Clinic from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) with a master’s degree in Adult Clinical Psychopathology from the same university (UAB). I have taken multiple refresher courses in recent years highlighting the Specialist Course in Sexual and Couple Growth (Instituto Gomà), the course on Child Sexual Abuse (CPSIA) and the course on learning andbehavioural disorders at school ( UTAE).


I have been working at CAPSI since 2016, making diagnoses and treatments in the field of clinical psychology for adults, youth and children. My mission is to accompany people to improve their quality of life. Each person has a different objective and needs and that is why each therapy is unique and personalized.


At CAPSI we also organize and regularly participate in workshops, talks and trainings by schools, federations, companies and other organizations.


I currently collaborate as a psychologist with the Andorran Association of Alzheimer Patients, coordinating a mutual aid group for families of patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease. I have also worked as a psychologist at the DOMUS VI centre, evaluating and monitoring residents as well as supporting families. Finally, I have been 2 years at the Hospital Nuestra Señora de Meritxell doing clinical psychology practices.