A healthy eating habits are not by implication synonymous of weight loss. A proper alimentation improves quality of life and daily wellness. Through eating habits, we are able to prevent and treat distinct pathologies in any stage of life.

In this service we offer an accompaniment to improve your habits and fulfil your objectives. We will invest in health in an adapted and personalized manner. We do not believe in diets but in adopt a healthier lifestyle through out the nutritional education.


Weight loss

Changing habits to achieve weight loss is individualized, always considering different tastes and preferences, as well as health status and physical activity. The main objective is a change of lifestyle that lasts over time, without miracle products or restrictive diets. At all times I will accompany you in this process to give you support, resolve your doubts, and adapt the small objectives along the way.


Maternal and infant feeding

The pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation stages are uniquely beautiful and full of changes that require a good diet adequate and adapted to each moment. I will also give you support in feeding the baby resolving any doubts you may have about when or how you should offer food. We will work on the BLW (baby led weaning) or baby self-regulation feeding to offer you security in this process of introduction to solid feeding.


Female hormonal cycle

The nutritional requirements vary all through the hormonal cycle, specially during the menopause. The menopause is known to cause many side effects such as inflammation, pain or lack of energy that can be controlled by adapting our diet to this life-stage.


Sports Nutrition

Giving Nutritional is not only a matter for elite athletes. If you practise a sport and you want to improve the performance and adapt the diet to your goals and trainings, I offer you a diet plan for competitions, advice on Sports supplementation if necessary, and guidelines to improve your workouts.


Clinical nutrition

Many pathologies have a remarkably close relationship with diet (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, respiratory failure …) and their symptoms can be reduced noticeably with adequate and adapted nutrition.


Collective catering

I offer advice on allergens, food safety and good practices.