Teresa Cobo Torres

Nº COL. 92/021

Teresa Cobo

Clinical psychologist (adult, child and youth)
Clinical neuropsychology
Specialist in educational and professional guidance

I’ve a degree in Psychology, clinical section from the University of Barcelona with a Master’s in Clinical Neuropsychology for Children, Youth and Adults. I’ve done university teaching in Psychopathology and Psychology at Secondary School. I do continuing education in clinical and health aspects about adults, children and adolescents. I’m specialized in ADHD in children and adults.

My professional experience was initially at the Clinic and Provincial Hospital of Barcelona in the department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology attending adults at ambulatory level, admission to the acute unit, psychiatric emergencies and hospital interconsultation. Later I collaborated in the section of Child and Youth Psychiatry where I applied behavior modification therapy at home.

My professional experience in Andorra has focused on the secondary school level where I have developed tasks of psycho-pedagogical advice and academic and professional guidance for several years. At the same time, I had a private clinical practice for about twenty years, and I have now joined the CAPSI team in the care of adults and children.

In the teaching section, I have been a postgraduate professor in psychopathological disorders in childhood and adolescence in Barcelona, speaker at numerous congresses and conferences particularly focused on Attention Deficit Disorder and other learning difficulties. I am part of the board of directors of the association “Albatros” of ADHD in Andorra.