Anna Verdaguer

No. Col. 18/191 (College of Psychologists of Andorra)

Health Psychologist

Sports psychologist

Organizational psychologist

Graduated in Health Psychology, with the Official Master’s Degree in Sports and Physical Activity Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and Master’s Degree in Personal, Executive and Business Coaching from the European Institute for Business Studies (INESEM). Currently, studying the Doctorate of Psychology of Health and Sports (UAB), investigating psychological training in downhill skiing.


Health psychologist specialized in personal, sports and business performance. My goal is to accompany you to find and enhance your own resources, answers and solutions to face the day to day in the optimal way and thus gain quality of life.


At CAPSI, we offer individualized attention with a close treatment. We also regularly organize and participate in workshops, talks and trainings by schools, federations, companies and other organizations.